Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Order Saliva Hormone Testing Online from BioHRT

Saliva hormone testing is an easy and noninvasive way of assessing hormone levels in patients and is rapidly becoming the most reliable method for measuring hormone levels.

Close to 95% of all hormones found in the human body are protein-bound and are not found to be clinically relevant due to the fact these hormones are not bio-available for tissue absorption. When blood is filtered through the salivary glands, the protein-bound hormones are too big to pass through the cell membranes. Only the unbound hormones pass through and into the saliva. What is measured in the saliva is the bio-available hormone which will be delivered to the receptors in the tissues of the body.

Using saliva hormone results, our physicians can accurately measure and correct hormone imbalances. Many modalities and treatments include topical or trans dermal hormone therapy and recent studies have shown saliva hormone testing is the only way to accurately measure topical hormone therapies.

Ordering Information

Your testing supplies will be sent via US Postal Priority Mail. Please allow 2-3 business days for delivery. Once you receive your test kit please follow the instructions enclosed. Once completed please return your samples to the lab using the enclosed pre-paid mailer.

Your test results are generally available 5-7 days after the lab receives your completed test kit.

BioHRT Now Offering Genetic Testing and Treatment

BioHRT has partnered with one of the worlds leading personalized genetic testing company to provide state-of-the-art DNA testing and analysis. Our program gives you a view into your DNA, revealing your genetic predisposition for important health conditions. This level of personalization may help you and your physician take action to detect health conditions early, reduce their effects or prevent them entirely.

We offer two types of genetic assessment programs that tests your DNA and reveals your genetic predisposition for many important health conditions. This new level of personalization may help you take action to detect health conditions early, reduce their effects or prevent them entirely. Our physicians will help you to interpret the data while providing a treatment plan that minimizes or prevents conditions according to your genetic risk factor.

We have two genetic programs available, one a comprehensive analysis of over 90 different conditions or an annual snapshot that shows changes from year to year. In addition to the 90 conditions being tested now, your private sample will be tested against any new conditions that become available.

Read more about DNA Testing and Treatment


BioHRT Launches BioDiets Medical Weight Loss Centers

BioHRT Announces BioDiets Medical Weight Loss at Scottsdale and Los Angeles Locations

BioDiets is a medically supervised weight loss program using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin† (HCG) as a means to lose weight, improve body composition, and prevent rapid weight gain when the “diet” is over.

We have designed this BioDiets program to address weight loss on many different levels. We feel it is extremely important for you to know and understand what is happening in your body on a physical, mental, and emotional level. With this insight and awareness, your success for your initial weight loss and for keeping the weight off in the future can be drastically improved.


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